I’m a research scientist in the field of photonics at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia where I am currently supported by an MQ Research Fellowship.

Photonics is the science and technology of generating, controlling and detecting light. My research aims to improve our understanding of light-matter interaction in glass (particularly optical fibres) and nanomaterials, and to exploit this for the development of new lasers and other optical technologies for scientific, industrial and medical applications. I’m also interested in studying the underlying nonlinear physics of light waves in optical systems, which can be used to model complex phenomena in nature, in addition to exploring the application of emerging machine intelligence approaches to advance photonic devices.

If you’d like to know more about my research, please visit the research page, or have a look at some of my recent academic publications.

I am also passionate about promoting science through public engagement and outreach, and include additional links and resources on my science communication page.



Brief Biography

I received an MA and MEng in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge in 2012, including a research project on the topic of carbon nanotube and graphene optoelectronics with Prof. Andrea Ferrari at the Cambridge Graphene Centre. After this, I moved to the Femtosecond Optics Group at Imperial College London to study for a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Roy Taylor and Dr Sergei Popov, followed by a one-year EPSRC Fellowship continuing my research with the group. In January 2017, I left Imperial to join the MQ Photonics Research Centre at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.