I’m a scientist & engineer in the field of photonic and quantum technologies, based in Cambridge, UK.

I am passionate about the science of light and its potential for driving technological advancements, particularly in communications and computing. My interests span from basic research through to the engineering of complete systems and their applications.

Currently, my focus revolves around leveraging quantum optics to develop new quantum communication technologies. Prior to this, I dedicated my efforts to the development of high-power pulsed lasers and the study of nanomaterials. Additionally, I maintain a long-standing interest in software development, from hardware control & automation to photonic/quantum applications of machine intelligence.

If you’d like to know more about my work, please see my recent technical publications, most of which are openly available on the Publications page.

Brief Biography

I received an MA and MEng in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge in 2012, including a research project at the Cambridge Graphene Centre. After this, I moved to the Femtosecond Optics Group at Imperial College London to study for a PhD, followed by a one-year EPSRC Fellowship continuing my research with the group. In January 2017 I moved to Sydney, Australia to take up an MQ Research Fellowship at Macquarie University, before returning to Cambridge in early 2019 to join Toshiba Europe Ltd. in association with the UK Government’s Quantum Communications Hub.

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